Artemis Store Hours

When I opened Artemis' doors in 2008, it was like having another child, I couldn't think of anything else; my customers, my framing jobs, I was so excited! I have maintained and grown my enthusiasm and passion for framing and I feel blessed to do what I love doing.

Framing is what I love... I truly value my many faithful, loyal customers who over the years have trusted me with the most amazing things to be framed. I always feel honored to be allowed to work with your personal treasures and am looking forward to do many more!

Managing my own business and my 5 children (okay, our 5 children, my husband had something to do with that, or so he says), has always been a challenge and my store hours are a little 'wacky'. I believe that family should come first, so although I regret not being able to be here at all times, I don't want to miss some of those milestones either.

Dear customers,

 I am currently open by appointment 

When I'm in the shop, I will allow walk-ins on a limited basis

To book your appointment, please email or call me with your preferred day and time.

I will let you know what availability I have. I hope to see you all soon!






    Ylva's kids