Artemis Store Hours

When I opened Artemis' doors in 2008, it was like having another child, I couldn't think of anything else; my customers, my framing jobs, I was so excited! I have maintained and grown my enthusiasm and passion for framing and I feel blessed to do what I love doing.

Framing is what I love... I truly value my many faithful, loyal customers who over the years have trusted me with the most amazing things to be framed. I always feel honored to be allowed to work with your personal treasures and am looking forward to do many more!

Managing my own business and my 5 children (okay, our 5 children, my husband had something to do with that, or so he says), has always been a challenge and my store hours were always a little 'wacky'. I have always believed and will always believe that family should come first.

The 'by appointment' feature has been such a huge success that I have decided to keep it. Walk-ins are ALWAYS welcome, of course.

Please schedule your appointment by email: (delete the spaces before the @ sign if you copy the email address from here), or call the store at




The photo below is several years old, and so are those kids. They are no longer the main reason for 'wacky hours' although first phone call when having a problem is still to mom. 


    Ylva's kids